Weekly Activities

As the lockdown lifts and Government advice allows we are restarting various activities as listed below.

Activities that take place during the week:

Sunday 11am Sunday worship
        Rooted (13-18yrs)
Main building/Lounge
Small hall
Monday 9.30am
2.30pm monthly
5.45pm term time
Monday fellowship (over 50’s)
Boys and Girls Brigades
Church Lounge
Church Lounge
Throughout premises
Tuesday 10am - 12 noon
1pm - 3pm term time
Community Cafe
Art and Crafts
Church lounge
Small Hall
Wednesday 2.30pm
7.30pm term time
8pm term time
Church lounge
Sunday club room
Thursday 7pm 1st and 3rd thursday each month Food bank Large Hall
Friday 10-11.30am term time
6.30-8pm term time
Parent & Toddlers
N:Gage Youth Club
Large Hall
Throughout premises