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Sermon list

Date Preacher Title Series
31/03/2024 Steve Calder
(and others)
Ressurection transformation Approaching the cross
(Good Friday)
Steve Calder A death with a purpose Approaching the cross
24/03/2024 Steve Calder The servant King Approaching the cross
17/03/2024 Keith Phillips Facing up to Suffering Approaching the cross
10/03/2024 Steve Calder A mother's eye view Approaching the cross
25/02/2024 Steve Calder Lerarning from trials Praying in a made world
18/02/2024 Anna Smith When there's no one else to turn to Praying in a made world
11/02/2024 Steve Calder Joy in the testing time Praying in a made world
28/01/2024 Steve Calder Gambling God's eye view of...
21/01/2024 Steve Calder Work and unemployment God's eye view of...
14/01/2024 Steve Calder Sport God's eye view of...
26/11/2023 Steve Calder Being Persistent From Paul to Timothy
19/11/2023 Steve Calder Being Thankful From Paul to Timothy
12/11/2023 Steve Calder Being Faithful From Paul to Timothy
29/10/2023 Nathan McGuire A day of reckoning Esther - Queen in exile
22/10/2023 Steve Calder Pride before a Fall Esther - Queen in exile
15/10/2023 Steve Calder State persecution Esther - Queen in exile
08/10/2023 Steve Calder A beauty contest Esther - Queen in exile
17/09/2023 Steve Calder God's faithfulness God's People Celebrate
10/09/2023 Steve Calder Baptism God's People Celebrate
27/08/2023 Steve Calder Earning respect Samuel the leader
20/08/2023 Keith Phillips Listening to the People Samuel the leader
13/08/2023 Steve Calder Listening to God Samuel the leader
06/08/2023 Lola Brown Dedicated to the Lord Samuel the leader
30/07/2023 Keith Phillips A Stern reprimand What does Jesus offer?
23/07/2023 Matt Davies A Compassionate totouch What does Jesus offer?
16/07/2023 Steve Calder A Dynamic challenge What does Jesus offer?
09/07/2023 Steve Calder A Radical agenda What does Jesus offer?
25/06/2023 Steve Calder Fashion New Testament scandals
18/06/2023 Steve Calder Singleness New Testament scandals
11/06/2023 Steve Calder Jesus' Parentage New Testament scandals
28/05/2023 Steve Calder The Holy Spirit People Celebrate
21/05/2023 Steve Calder Communion People Celebrate
14/05/2023 Steve Calder Marriage People Celebrate
30/04/2023 Graham Dancy Paul Easter Witness
23/04/2023 Steve Calder Thomas Easter Witness
16/04/2023 Keith Phillips The guards Easter Witness
09/04/2023 Steve Calder The women at the tomb Easter Witness
02/04/2023 Steve Calder The crowd in Jerusalem Easter Witness
26/03/2023 Steve Calder Power and corruption Jesus and power
19/03/2023 Steve Calder Responding to political foment Jesus and power
12/03/2023 Steve Calder The temptation of power Jesus and power
26/02/2023 Steve Calder Aquila and Priscilla Unsung Heroes
19/02/2023 Chris Rose In need of a touch
12/02/2023 Steve Calder Timothy (and Paul) Unsung Heroes
29/01/2023 Steve Calder Jeremiah's Suffering Messenger of Hope
22/01/2023 Lola Brown Message Received? Messenger of Hope
15/01/2023 Steve Calder Jeremiah's Message Messenger of Hope
08/01/2023 Steve Calder Jeremiah's Call Messenger of Hope
25/12/2022 Steve Calder Revealed to Us The promise of a Saviour
18/12/2022 Alf Brooks Revealed to outcasts The promise of a Saviour
11/12/2022 Steve Calder Revealed to Mary The promise of a Saviour
27/11/2022 Steve Calder Wisdom in action The Way of Wisdom
20/11/2022 Steve Calder Wisdom and Learning The Way of Wisdom
13/11/2022 Steve Calder Wisdom and Worship The Way of Wisdom
16/10/2022 Steve Calder The Economies of Worship What a Revelation
09/10/2022 Carol Bostridge Letters to seven churches What a Revelation
25/09/2022 Crispin Woolley Praying for spiritual wisdom The power of prayer
18/09/2022 Darren Blades Prayer as spiritual warfare The power of prayer
11/09/2022 Steve Calder Prayer as spiritual food The power of prayer
31/07/2022 Anna Smith A prayer for God's comfort Sing to the Lord
24/07/2022 Alf Brooks A promise of God's protection Sing to the Lord
17/07/2022 Steve Calder Thanks for God's protection Sing to the Lord
10/07/2022 Tony Vieira A song of God's greatness Sing to the Lord
26/06/2022 Darren Blades Samson and Strength is Weakness The Upside Down Kingdom
19/06/2022 Steve Calder Up is Down The Upside Down Kingdom
12/06/2022 Crispin Woolley Seeking peace and prosperity The Church in troubled times
29/05/2022 Steve Calder Pray hard, work hard The Church in troubled times
22/05/2022 Alf Brooks Strengthened to do right The Church in troubled times
15/05/2022 Steve Calder God's power revealed The Church in troubled times
08/05/2022 Crispin Woolley Praying through trials The Church in troubled times
24/04/2022 Steve Calder Into closed minds
17/04/2022 Steve Calder Behind locked doors
(Good Friday)
Crispin Woolley The King is Dead
10/04/2022 Steve Calder Are you the King of the Jews?
27/03/2022 Alf Brooks Man of Sorrows
20/03/2022 Steve Calder My God,my God, Why?
13/03/2022 Crispin Woolley The Day of Atonement
06/03/2022 Steve Calder Walking on Water
27/02/2022 Lola Brown The Despised Woman Women whom Jesus met
20/02/2022 Anna Smith The Ill Woman Women whom Jesus met
13/02/2022 Steve Calder A Poor Woman Women whom Jesus met
06/02/2022 Crispin Woolley Walking Together Walking the Talk
30/01/2022 Crispin Woolley Walking in the Light Walking the Talk
23/01/2022 Crispin Woolley Walking in the Spirit Walking the Talk
16/01/2022 Fr Sam Dennis Walking with Others Walking the Talk
09/01/2022 Crispin Woolley Walking with Jesus Walking the Talk
25/12/2021 Steve Calder A gift for Us
Steve Calder Carol Service message
19/12/2021 Crispin Woolley A gift received
12/12/2021 Steve Calder A gift given
28/11/2021 Graham Dancy Mission Sunday - You were made for a Mission
21/11/2021 Steve Calder Ambition God's Earth
14/11/2021 Crispin Woolley Hope God's Earth
31/10/2021 Crispin Woolley Collapsing Empires The Book of Revelation
24/10/2021 Steve Calder Seal of the Living God The Book of Revelation
17/10/2021 Steve Calder The Lamb is Lord of History The Book of Revelation
10/10/2021 Steve Calder The Cosmic Throne Room The Book of Revelation
26/09/2021 Steve Calder Failure God's earth
19/09/2021 Crispin Woolley Responsibility God's earth
12/09/2021 Steve Calder Beginnings God's earth
29/08/2021 Lola Brown Falling out and forgiving Paul on a Mission
22/08/2021 Crispin Woolley Paul under Fire - What's happening and who's involved? Paul on a Mission
15/08/2021 Steve Calder Paul on his travels Paul on a Mission
08/08/2021 Carol Turner Paul faces Trouble Paul on a Mission
25/07/2021 Steve Calder The wisdom of humility
18/07/2021 Steve Calder Watching our words
11/07/2021 Crispin Woolley Love as you have been loved
04/07/2021 Steve Calder US Independence Day
27/06/2021 Steve Calder Kingdom Values Kingdom and Empire
20/06/2021 Steve Calder Shaming the King Kingdom and Empire
13/06/2021 Steve Calder Give us a King Kingdom and Empire
06/06/2021 Steve Calder D-Day Reflections
30/05/2021 Crispin Woolley The Trinity
23/05/2021 Steve Calder God the Holy Spirit Through Mary's Eyes
16/05/2021 Steve Calder God the Son Through Mary's Eyes
09/05/2021 Steve Calder God the Father Through Mary's Eyes
02/05/2021 Steve Calder What does the Bible say about this Covid year?
25/04/2021 Anna Smith Why Did Jesus Have to go to Heaven?
18/04/2021 Lola Brown Why Didn't Jesus' Followers Recognise Him?
11/04/2021 Crispin Woolley What Happens After We Die?
04/04/2021 Steve Calder [Easter Sunday] Can You Believe a Dead Man Rose?
02/04/2021 Steve Calder [Good Friday] Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?
28/03/2021 Anna Smith Why Jesus and Not Some Other Religion?
21/03/2021 Crispin Woolley TwoSisters Grieve
14/03/2021 Steve Calder Two Sisters Argue
07/03/2021 Crispin Woolley Jesus in the everyday
28/02/2021 Steve Calder Standing in the Gap A Dip in the Book of Daniel
21/02/2021 Carol Turner Divine Graffiti A Dip in the Book of Daniel
14/02/2021 Steve Calder Dreams of Grandeur A Dip in the Book of Daniel
31/01/2021 Crispin Woolley I Saw Him and Began to Understand Responses to Jesus
24/01/2021 Anna Smith We Saw Him Reveal His Power Responses to Jesus
17/01/2021 Steve Calder We Saw Him and Followed Responses to Jesus
10/01/2021 Steve Calder I Saw Him in All His Humanity Responses to Jesus
03/01/2021 Steve Calder The Wise Men
27/12/2020 Anna Smith Growing in Goodness and Wisdom
25/12/2020 Steve Calder Isn't He Divine
20/12/2020 Lola Brown A Time for Giving
13/12/2020 Steve Calder Preparing the Way
06/12/2020 Crispin Woolley Charitable giving
29/11/2020 Steve Calder Accuser of our Comrades The Book of Revelation
22/11/2020 Steve Calder Beastly Worship The Book of Revelation
15/11/2020 Steve Calder Stampeding Empire The Book of Revelation
08/11/2020 Steve Calder A Prophet in Trouble The Book of Revelation
01/11/2020 Steve Calder God's Blueprint for Society
25/10/2020 Carol Turner Our Home Life God's Ways are Good Ways
18/10/2020 Anna Smith Our Relationship with Others God's Ways are Good Ways
11/10/2020 Steve Calder Our Relationship with God God's Ways are Good Ways
04/10/2020 Mark Handley Mission and Harvest Sunday
27/09/2020 Steve Calder Slavery Headline Issues
20/09/2020 Steve Calder Democracy Headline Issues
13/09/2020 Steve Calder Racism Headline Issues
06/09/2020 Steve Calder Is This The End? Headline Issues
30/08/2020 Steve Calder Jesus and Labels
23/08/2020 Valerie Phillips God as Creator
16/08/2020 Steve Calder Jesus and Disability
09/08/2020 Lola Brown Jesus and Healing
02/08/2020 Steve Calder Jesus our Hero
26/07/2020 Steve Calder God at Work The Life of Joseph
19/07/2020 Steve Calder Rags to Riches The Life of Joseph
12/07/2020 Steve Calder Faithful in Hard Times The Life of Joseph
05/07/2020 Steve Calder Dreamer For Sale The Life of Joseph
28/06/2020 Steve Calder Prayerfully Spreading the Good News
21/06/2020 Steve Calder To the Unreached Spreading the Good News
14/06/2020 Steve Calder Holistically Spreading the Good News
07/06/2020 Steve Calder Close to Home Spreading the Good News
31/05/2020 Steve Calder Symbols of the Spirit
24/05/2020 Steve Calder Freedom Road Cry Freedom
17/05/2020 Steve Calder Set Free Cry Freedom
10/05/2020 Steve Calder The Price of Freedom Cry Freedom
03/05/2020 Steve Calder Born Free Cry Freedom
26/04/2020 Steve Calder Introduction to the May series Cry Freedom
26/04/2020 Steve Calder The end of the beginning
19/04/2020 Steve Calder Close encounter with Jesus
12/04/2020 Steve Calder Easter Sunday

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